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Justin Russell, Archaeology South-East, and Luke Barber, Sussex Archaeological Society, teach Worthing College students and older volunteers about metal detecting.
Photo credit 48. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC.

Really interesting and thought provoking, first time I have seen anything like it.’
Dudley Sawer, project volunteer, talking about the archaeological excavation 2015.

The physical footprint of Shoreham Army Camp has disappeared over the years under the A27, housing and farmland. Inspired by a local’s personal story of discovery in his back garden, however, we undertook two small archaeological investigations that revealed there are traces of the Camp still to find.

Experts Justin Russell from Archaeology South-East and Luke Barber from Sussex Archaeological Society taught students and volunteers how to explore a site with metal detectors and undertake a mini-excavation. Amongst a range of everyday items discovered was a fantastic button from a First World War South African Military uniform.

Justin Russell produced full archaeological reports recording what we discovered:
Slonk Hill Finds report_Sept 2014
Archaeological report, Downside Shoreham_March 2015

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Digging out objects like nails from the huts located with a metal detector, Downside, Slonk Hill, March 2015.
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Volunteers dig out a small section of the garden hunting for evidence of the Camp huts under the supervision of Justin Russell, Archaeology South-East, Downside, Slonk Hill, March 2015.
Photo credit 50. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC.

South African coat button

Did you know 100 years ago there were South Africans in Shoreham?
This military service coat button is the first physical link to these international soldiers discovered on the site of Shoreham’s First world War Camp.
Photo credit 5. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC.