Personal Stories

Personal stories and experiences are a key part of this project. Thanks to generous local collectors, we discovered postcards sent from soldiers in Shoreham Camp. Even closer connections were made through local families who shared the experiences of their ancestors who stayed in the Army Camp through memoirs, letters, photographs and their own memories.


A collection of postcards posted from Shoreham Army Camp.
Photo credit 53. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC.

Local experts helped us understand the evidence we were uncovering like Farrier Peter Ibbitson who explained that a horse shoe uncovered whilst metal-detecting on site most likely came from a First World War Artillery horse.

living history

Gary Baines from the Friends of Shoreham Fort teaches Worthing College students about the training and equipment experienced by the First World War recruits at Shoreham Camp.
Photo credit 54. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC.

The Worthing College students also explored what life would have been like for new trainees at the camp. The Friends of Shoreham Fort helped them by demonstrating drills and original First World War equipment. The veterans associated with the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home as patients and volunteers then gave oral history interviews to the students revealing insights into army camps and training across the years since the First World War.

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Veterans from post-First World War conflicts share their experiences with Worthing College students.
Photo credit 55. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC.