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Shoreham Camp began as a training camp for new recruits for the British Army in 1914. Over the years they were joined by soldiers recovering form injury and colonial troops from Canada and South Africa.




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Compare what Daily Life has been like for military men since the First World War through the Oral History Videos filmed by Worthing College students with the support of Queen Alexandra Hospital Home.

Read a selection of snippets from the local papers on our project blog that offer an insight into daily life in Shoreham Army Camp.

Visit the Shoreham-by-Sea history portal to view an extensive gallery of fantastic photographs of the Camp.

Explore the archaeological evidence left over from the Camp discovered in two small sample surveys we did as part of the project:

Slonk Hill Finds report_Sept 2014

Archaeological report, Downside Shoreham_March 2015

Reports by Justin Russell, Archaeology South-East